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Yes Tech!


March 8, 2013 · 1 Comment · Ed Tech, Google

I just learned of a Google Apps script called Doctopus that makes it easy for teachers¬†to manage and share documents with students or groups. After sharing a document with students, the teacher can keep track of when students last edited the document at a glance. The teacher can also “lock” all the student documents with one click on the due date so that grading can be done, provide feedback, and then “unlock” the documents so that students can revise.

Check out this video tutorial created by Jay Atwood.  Enjoy!


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  • Mark Hess

    This is another great example of we can leverage the free resources of Google Docs to provide timely and meaningful feedback to students.

    Providing feedback involves giving students information about their performance relative to learning goals in order to help them improve. The average effect size is .61. Research findings include:

    Feedback should be corrective in nature.
    Feedback should be timely.
    Feedback should be specific to a criterion.
    Students can effectively provide some of their own feedback.


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