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Is there a difference between integrating technology and using technology?

May 1, 2013 · 1 Comment · Ed Tech

I just read an interesting article from titled “12 Ways to Integrate (Not Just Use) Technology in Education.”  This is something that I try to explain on a fairly regular basis. Usually asking a question that makes people think about the benefits of using technology is helpful, such as “Is it more effective for students to complete a worksheet using technology than with paper/pencil?”

The edudemic article includes a nice chart from Teachbytes (see below).   The chart could be used as part of a PLC discussion or staff meeting.   The facilitator could ask everyone to jot down on paper a list of how they used technology in their instructional practices over the past week.  The Teachbytes chart could then be distributed.  In small groups a discussion could take place about whether the technology was “used” or “integrated”. This could be a very powerful discussion!




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    I think this is very interesting piece. Reading through the chart I have found myself using technology more than integrating it. Is there resources out there to help teachers go from using to inegrating. Back when I was in college, the technology used in education is way different than it is today. I have had little training in different kinds of strategies to inegrate technology as compared to just using it.

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