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Bye Bye Edublogs

December 3, 2013 · 1 Comment · Ed Tech

Yes Tech! has been  hosted on Edublogs for the past seven years. My district has moved to Google Apps for Education and therefore it now makes sense for me to use one of the Google tools as my blogging platform. I believe that using Blogger will help me to better support teachers who also wish to use it. Additionally, it’s free (I have been paying a yearly subscription fee to Edublogs), so continuing to pay for something that I can use for free just doesn’t make sense.

My new web address is

I’ve lost some of the navigation, but the content has moved over without issue. I”m glad that I am not starting from scratch, because I like being able to scroll through history (and my professional growth) by browsing older posts.

I have neglected my Edublogs blog, so hopefully I will post more regularly there!

For those who subscribe and enjoy reading my posts, please go to my new blog and subscribe there.  I do appreciate your support. :)

One Comment

  • Mark

    Goodbye Pam’s Edublog. I enjoyed reading you. Sorry Google is taking over the universe.

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